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Work With Petplan

Earn commission working with Petplan to promote the benefits of pet insurance to your customers!
Pet insurance is an important part of responsible pet ownership but is often something pet owners don't get around to arranging. Use Petplan's 4 weeks free insurance vouchers to help your customers try pet insurance for free and receive help with the cost of any unexpected veterinary bills. In addition to adding value for your customers, you can also benefit from working with Petplan earning commission for every new full policy you generate.

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Petplan's Pet Business Scheme

Petplan is the UK's No.1 pet insurance provider with an excellent reputation for paying claims. Petplan works with vets, animal charities, breeders and pet businesses to provide 4 weeks free insurance to pet owners.

Join Petplan's Pet Business Scheme today and you can order free materials to promote the benefits of pet insurance to your customers and receive monthly commission for any full policies you generate.

Additional funds for your business

Every time a customer continues their 4 weeks' free insurance onto a full policy you will receive 10% of the premium which can help provide additional income for your business or funds to look after your own pets!

It's easy to generate 4 weeks free policies by distributing vouchers to your customers. Register for Petplan's Pet Business Scheme today!

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